11 May 2010

UK Forms Coalition Government - UPDATE

Confirmed, from the first speech by the new PM David Cameron. There WILL be a coalition government. Details to follow.

If the Brits can do it, why not Canada?

Why did Stephen Harper - and Paul Martin, and other leaders of parties that headed minority governments - never enter into a coalition with another party, in order to form MAJORITY governments?

Canada, and especially Canadian politicians, LEARN FROM THIS.

UPDATE: Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, is reported confirmed to be the new Deputy Prime Minister in the new Conservative-LibDem government. Also it's rumoured that the LibDems negotiated strongly and received many more concessions from the Conservatives than vice versa - unlike Canada's Ineffectual Opposition parties. In his speech, Cameron had spoken of a "full and proper" coalition. Looks like he meant it.

UPDATE 2: BBC reports (am watching the livestream) that aside from deputy PM, LibDems will get 20 posts in government (five ministers/15 secretaries).

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