18 May 2010

Response to My Letter to MP re Expenses

Dear Chrystal,

Thank you for your email to Jean.

The House of Commons, through the Board of Internal Economy, has rigorous internal auditing, including the auditing of MPs’ expenses, and an external auditor is hired on a regular basis to conduct an external audit on the books. There are very strict rules for all expenses incurred by MPs’ offices and these are enforced by impartial House of Commons administration staff.

All of our expenses are public and available online. Below are three links to different expenses of MP offices:

1. Members Office and Travel Expenses

Below is the direct link to the PDF document for the most recent financial period.

Members Office and Travel Expenses 2008 - 2009

2. Disclosure Statement from the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner

A direct link to a specific MP’s disclosure statement can be obtained by entering the name of the MP on this page:


3. Candidate's Electoral Campaign Return

Find the information here by clicking "40th General Election" and then searching by candidate:


I hope this addresses your concerns. Please contact me if you have any further questions.


Alistair MacGregor │Community Development
Jean Crowder, MP Nanaimo-Cowichan

My reply:

The audits you mention ... are financial audits. They are not the performance audits as done by the Auditor General.

The links you provide do not show details of expenses, merely major category breakdowns.

Therefore, no, your response does not address my concerns.

Chrystal Ocean,
Duncan BC.

[My original letter and an update]

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