18 May 2010

Why Canadian Politicians won't Emulate Brits - UPDATE

Taylor Owen scores a hit regarding why Canadians are unlikely to see a coalition government anytime in the near future.

To summarize:

1. The NDP's joined-at-the-hip relationship with labour unions.
2. The Green Party's devotion to a poor election strategy.
3. Reform's influence on the Conservative Party.
4. The uncomfortable marriage of red and blue Liberals. We need the old Progressive Conservatives back or a new, similar party that will bring in like elements from the Greens, Liberals and Conservatives.
5. The immaturity of Canada's politicians, particularly that of the power brokers. Self-interest appears to be their goal, not service in a parliamentary democracy.

UPDATE: Oh, well done, guys! You continue to prove point 5.

ETA: First link in post has been corrected.

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