03 June 2009

Bury me Green

No, it's not the title of a song.

It is Friend's request. I'd never heard of a Green Burial, so went into research mode and found a cemetery that caters to those who want to be kind to Mother Earth, even after death.

More research brought me to "Green to the Grave". I'm impressed.

More people are turning to natural burials, typically much simpler than traditional ceremonies. Bodies are preserved with refrigeration or dry ice rather than embalming; cotton shrouds and biodegradable coffins replace metal or ornate wooden caskets; and the body is placed in a shallow grave instead of deep inside a concrete vault. Burials take place not in a traditional cemetery, but in a natural area destined to be protected and preserved for posterity as a woodland or nature reserve

Alas, for those of us contemplating cremation the options are not good.

Cremation, with its discharge of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants, including a few nasty ones like mercury vapor from teeth fillings, is not especially kind to the environment either.

Talking these options over Friend is enlightening. And an affirmation that even as death approaches, there is all that is Life to consider.

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