02 June 2009

Tweeting on Hunger Awareness Day

The conversation began with Michael Shapcott reminding the Twitter-sphere that it's National Hunger Awareness Day. The following shows that I am not, contrary to my own previous declaration, finished with poverty activism.

michaelshapcott National hunger awareness day today in Canada: More than 700,000 forced to use foodbanks monthly http://tinyurl.com/msjtll

tidewaters RT @FrancescaBG : RT @michaelshapcott : 700,000+ use food banks monthly http://is.gd/MruG | That # misleading. Many poor won't use food banks.

michaelshapcott Just back from Commons committee hearings on poverty: Everyone is polite - what we need is political commitment, timelines, targets, $$$

tidewaters RT @michaelshapcott : Just back from Commons committee on poverty: Everyone is polite <= Have had it w/ "polite"; it often cloaks patronizing

michaelshapcott RT @tidewaters : RT @michaelshapcott : 700,000+ at food banks | # misleading. Many poor won't use food banks// This is very sad and very true

tidewaters Grocers in my community donate ALL day-olds/off veggies/etc to food bank. Leave nothing 4 poor who won't use food bank. ...Cont'd

tidewaters Cont'd... Grocer policy 2 send all old fd 2 fd bank sends msg: If UR poor, U must use food bank. Treats all poor alike. Limits our choice.

FrancescaBG @tidewaters it's a paradox,I've gotten hampers for families who just can't imagine going themselves to a FB

tidewaters @FrancescaBG It's complicated. For many, it's about privacy, self-esteem, not wanting 2b object of charity, wanting 2 do 4 self...

tidewaters @FrancescaBG Or 2b seen as begging. A WISE storyteller: "I did all kinds of begging when I was growing up: Pls don't hit me, pls love me..."

tidewaters @FrancescaBG Cont'd WISE storyteller: "Pls look at me as a person. Now I won't beg for anything." Like many WISE ST's she exp. child abuse.

Moral of the story: To be at the mercy, charity or behest of the Other can be more than a person can do. Personal histories can impair the ability to trust or to seek help in ways seen as appropriate or fitting by supporters (and even many challengers) of the status quo. One must constantly check one's assumptions.

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