11 June 2009

CTV, Ethics and the Harper-Duffy Show

Thomas Mulcair, NDP MP: "Why did they make the announcement hundreds of kilometres away from Parliament and not in Parliament as they were supposed to do with a cream-puff interview with Mike Duffy, the former TV guy from CTV who's now a Conservative senator?"

Like Harper, Mike Duffy is an embarrassment. He's an embarrassment to journalism. He's an embarrassment to the Senate. He's an embarrassment to Canada.

So is CTV. Word is that some spokesperson for the network declared CTV would NOT air the Harper-Duffy Show. Then it did. Now if that's true - I've not a TV and refuse to access CTV newcasts online; hence I cannot verify this -, then such behaviour sounds awfully familiar. Recall the Steve Murphy-Mike Duffy Live treatment of Stephane Dion's interview outtakes, subsequently found to be in breach of journalistic ethical standards.

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