01 June 2009

Community, Poverty and Helping by Butting Out

Am really enjoying Twitter. It's fun and a great vehicle for learning about new resources and reaching more people than you might otherwise. Of the latter, have been tweeting seriously for only six weeks and already have 144 followers.

SusanneUre What makes a community? A community is a group of people united through a common struggle with the same stories. http://twurl.nl/y5jz3s

tidewaters P1 What a gr8 blog! RT @SusanneUre : What makes a community? Group of ppl united thru common struggle w/ same stories. http://is.gd/LNjA

tidewaters P2 Do-gooders pls note: A community is a group of ppl united by a common struggle & same stories. Ergo, butt out unless asked.

tidewaters P3 Note 2 do-gooders: Poor & homeless ppl form communities. Dont assume their communities can't help themselves, haven't their own leaders.

tidewaters P4. If U really want to help poor/homeless, always value their proposed solutions higher than those proposed by the usual suspects.

The link provided by Susanne pointed to a post on a blog titled "The Art of Non-Conformity." Subscribed to its feed immediately on the basis of the title alone.

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