28 June 2009

Ocean's Twitter Follow Policy

For all you Twits out there, please be guided by my Twitter follow policy before hitting that magic button.

My interest in Twitter is primarily to connect with people who have interests similar to mine, but I also welcome making connections with people who live nearby, regardless of their interests. (I'm on Vancouver Island, so 'nearby' includes all of BC, the Yukon and Washington state.)

Please do NOT follow me if:
  1. your life is peachy-keen and you are busting to share the news of your good fortune. (My life is rather miserable and you know what they say about misery loving company.)
  2. you are selling something, including home-based business ideas; promoting yourself; or you are pushing religion, 'faith', 'family values' and similar twaddle.
  3. you are a company or a bot.
  4. you are a do-gooder who wants to 'save' me. (I prefer to save myself.)
  5. you tweet for the purpose of promoting social media, Twitter apps, or number of followers.
  6. you use an autoresponder to welcome new followers.
ETA: Why do I give a damn who follows me? Because I want to do my bit to discourage the proliferation of spam, bots, inane commenting, religiosity....

I am LIKELY (no promises!) to follow you if:
  1. you care about and advocate for human rights.
  2. you care about and advocate for animal rights.
  3. you are a Canadian political junky of the social libertarian persuasion (see here and here).
  4. you are a writer (blogger, journalist, author).
  5. you are using Twitter to communicate with others rather than only to spout your own spiel.
  6. your profile includes your real name, location, primary interests - or a link to a site where such information can be found.

Of course, exceptions will occasionally apply.


This page was inspired by the Twitter follow policies of @RayBeckerman and @dianelevin.

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