28 June 2009

Oh, for steady employment!

I was speaking to a friend the other day. I've been very depressed lately and it has been getting worse. For years, I've craved steady employment but as I've aged and poverty has taken a more solid footing, my disabilities have worsened. Almost all of the employment available in this community is retail and that involves standing for long periods of time, stretching, twisting, lifting... In other words, I'm no longer employable. And I feel so damn worthless because of it.

Contrary to the stereotype, most people of very low income yearn for a job. It's not about the income. It's about having stability in one's life, a daily routine. It's about giving and getting back, and being valued for one's reliability and the quality of one's work.

Here's Tatum, one of the WISE storytellers, talking about the importance of routine and doing paid work:

I really enjoy waking up in the morning and getting dressed up nice. It makes a whole difference to my wellbeing throughout that day. I’ve learnt that I need to get a job in the morning hours. I want a routine: shower, get dressed, go to work. That’s real important to me that it work out that way.

Listen to her story, as told in her own words:

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