05 June 2009

THIS is Community

My Friend is living with terminal cancer. He is indigent. His family is too far away to help. Friend reached out to the community for support.

An amazing occurrence has taken place. Within one evening a few close friends gathered together to devise a plan that would enlist many loving hands to honour Friend's request that he live at home with his beloved son and dog by his side, eating the food he likes, listening to favorite music and spending time with as many of his friends as possible.

Registered Nurses make daily visits, the Doctor makes house calls and LPN's come to spend the nights. The community of friends come at scheduled times, so Friend is never alone.

Very few of us have money but there is an abundance of love available, which is freely given. It is awesome, in the largest sense of the word, what has transpired. We rented a hall, had a pot luck dinner, silent auction, Tango and Salsa dance demonstrations, poetry reading and five live Bands to entertain us. Friend was there, even managed to dance the Tango. Enough money was raised to cover Friend's expenses and pay for his choice of a Green Burial.

THIS is what "poor" people can do. THIS is what love is. THIS IS COMMUNITY.

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