02 September 2009

Continued Blogging Uncertain

I might be offline for awhile, not by choice.

For the past three days, I've been having problems with my monitor. It flashes for several seconds on startup. I can see the background, and can login and use the computer. But with the flashing I really don't want to use it because it makes me feel nauseated; and if it gets worse, perhaps it could damage my mini.

Users at Apple support suggested I get a DVI cable for the monitor. Bought the DVI cable today for $34 - which leaves $43 for food for the rest of the month. Hooked the cable up to my monitor and mini. After I spent a couple of minutes trying to get the mini to power on - the monitor started up. Once again, flashing.

Ever since I've had this mini, there's been trouble getting it to power up from the start button, especially if I've had it off in order to move my setup or attach peripherals. This time, the double-, triple, and quadruple-checking I went through, at all three connection points along the power supply, seemed worse or more sensitive.

So I'm worried. A Twitter friend suggested I plug the mini directly into the wall socket, but I haven't that option. There is only one two-socket plug in this closet and the main room offers nothing better. A power bar it must be.

Tomorrow before I start up the mini, I'll try the second of two power bars I already have here at home. I can't imagine both not working; the one I'm using currently is heavy-duty and the other was new when I got it and has barely been used. If neither works, then the cause of the problem is likely the Apple power supply: the adaptor or its connecting cable. A new power supply kit from Apple is twice the cost of the DVI cable I just got, which means I'll not be able to get that until the holidays when, hopefully, some money comes my way. Which also means I'll be completely cut off for awhile with neither phone nor computer.

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