08 September 2009

Update: Continued Blogging (un)Certain

UPDATE 3: It was my monitor. Just picked up a free CRT monitor, which was manufactured in 2000. Works fine, although I do miss the sharpness of my flatscreen. (So now I need better glasses. Sigh...)

My flatscreen monitor, made by LG in 2006, was the culprit. That fancy, schmancy, high-priced piece of tech will have to sit in my closet until sometime next year when, I hope, I'll have found a decent repair place and will be able to afford to get the thing fixed.


Sat Sep 5: UPDATE 2 - After fix described below, the monitor flashed again this morning on startup. I haven't another monitor, otherwise I'd swap to see if my LG 1970HR flatscreen is the problem - which is doubtful given it functions beautifully the rest of the day.


Fri Sep 4: The problem with my monitor/mini described here has persisted. Each morning the same flashing monitor, regardless of whether I shut down my mini the previous night or allowed it only to snooze.

I'm puzzled that while the mini goes on snooze throughout the day, whenever I've been away for 15 minutes, there is no flashing monitor when I hit a key to wake it up. The problem only occurs when the mini has been off overnight.

Yesterday after startup from snooze, I shut down the mini, checked all connections, cleaned dust off my super-duper power bar, then tried starting everything up again. Same problem. Decided to use the computer for the rest of the day and try a new tactic this morning.

Last night again used the snooze option rather than shut down. This morning, flashing. This time, I switched to a different power bar, one already here and obtained new with the purchase of a (long defunct) PC and barely used. While back there amongst the cords, again I looked for dust, checked the state of cords and their connections, especially those to and from the mini's power adaptor, and turned on the 'new' power bar.

Depressed the power button on the mini. It responded immediately. So did all peripherals, including the monitor. No flashing.

Am hoping all is well. However, the computer had only been off for about 15 minutes, not hours, so I won't be sure until tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

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