10 September 2009

Our Family Stays Together

Thanks to two kind women and Timmy, Mango, Pip, Frankie and Boomer, Brodie's and my trip to the SPCA, which had been scheduled for this morning at 10 A.M., has been cancelled. Brodie's blankie and towel, together with his favourite 'condo' have been returned to their rightful places. The cat carrier has been put away.

One household's generous donation will ensure that Brodie has enough to eat for the next year. The second household's donation will give Kiltie what I never thought would be possible: the special food she needs not only to recover, but to stay healthy and free of future urinary tract infections.

From our household

Kiltie and Brodie

to your households

Boomer (left), and Pip, Frankie and Mango



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