01 September 2009

Peacocks Posturing

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff told Stephen Harper today:
Mr. Harper, your time is up. The Liberal Party cannot support this government any further. We will hold it to account. We will oppose it in Parliament.

As Mr. Ignatieff and his predecessor have said before.

Today Canadians heard also from the NDP. According to Thomas Mulcair, the NDP wants to "make [Parliament] work" and it will deal with the Harper government on a "case-by-case basis," provided the government manages "to work in the public interest."

Until I see Ignatieff delivering a non-confidence motion in Parliament, I won't believe his latest moment of bluster to be any more real than the last one.

Until I see Jack Layton get out of the Harper government substantive policy - such as bringing in a fair, proportional electoral system, as chosen by the people -, I won't believe anything he or his spokespeople say either.

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