29 September 2009

The Dentist

What do poor working people like me do when they have to visit the dentist? When they know they have work to be done or risk losing their teeth? Or suffer the consequences of infection and the following agony of pain?

For me, I visit the dentist and have the doctor inform me of what needs to be done to avoid complications before deciding to follow through - or not. Luckily for me, I have known my dentist for thirty years and he is willing to allow me to make minuscule payments each month to dispense with the bill.

But for others, especially those who are receiving welfare or disability benefits the choices, are not so straight forward. They must wait until the looming tooth decay brings on infection and almost unbearable pain. IF they can find a dentist who will work for the prescribed amount allowed by the medical system and IF they can arrange transportation to the willing dentist and IF they can afford the antibiotics necessary to reduce the infection before the work can be done, then will they have their teeth treated.

Why are the working poor, the self-employed, the disabled and those who are receiving monetary benefits from the government of the day, seemingly less worthy of dental treatment? Why indeed.

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