27 September 2009

More Cuts to the 'Left Wing Fringe Group'

Those uppity women of the vast Canadian 'left-wing fringe group' and their children are going to endure more funding cuts here in BC.

The BC government, lead by Liberal Gordo Campbell, have decided that women fleeing criminally abusive partners, don't really need money already allocated to support them in their efforts to protect themselves and their children.

The province's Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has slashed $440,000 in funding this year to groups that provide counselling and support for battered women and children.

Of course, it is merely another broken promise.

Critics accused the B.C. Liberal government of reneging on its 2007 promise to lead North America in eliminating domestic violence.

Ho-hum, more of the same. Those uppity women will have to get off their butts and raise the funds themselves, along with begging for money to provide other 'non-essential' programs, like daycare, low-cost rental units, and early childhood education.

Cuts to what the province calls the Children Who Witness Abuse Counselling program were magnified yesterday by the release of Turpel-Lafond's report, which focused on the murder of six-year-old Christian Lee in Oak Bay in 2007.

The society will now have to raise extra money privately to keep the programs running, said executive director Carolyn Fast.

I truly hope the over-taxed-paying public have deep pockets and will kindly scrape up the meagre $440,000 the BC have chopped to support those 'fringers' and their children seeking asylum.

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