05 January 2010

132 Political Scientists Call for Reform

Woot! Fair Vote Canada has just released a statement, signed by 132 political scientists. They are calling on the federal government to initiate a process to reform the federal electoral system by the end of five years.

The statement reads, in part:
We call on the Prime Minister and leaders of all parliamentary parties to set aside partisan interests and together support a substantive program to engage Canadians in a national discussion on: 1) fair voting principles – voter equality, proportional results and the formation of governments whose policies reflect the majority of voters, and 2) the various types of fair voting systems based on those principles.

We call on the government to engage experts, consult widely with citizens, and implement a Canadian version of a more proportional and fair voting system within the next five years.

This is not just a electoral issue in my view; it's one of justice. Under the present system, all voters are not accorded the same opportunity to be fairly represented.

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