28 January 2010

Stephen Harper, Get da Muzzle!

Stevie, baby, you're losing control. Another reason for prorogation has risen to the airwaves, thanks to your Conservative fellow, MP Ron Cannan. In case you've forgotten, I should remind you that Mr. Cannan purportedly represents the constituents of Kelowna-Lake Country.

For Mr. Cannan,

prorogation is an opportunity for the Conservative government to concentrate on the economy by implementing the next phase of its economic stimulus program and prepare a new budget. If parliament was in session then the opposition parties could vote non-confidence and force an election before those tasks are complete.

"That's what we don't want," said Cannan.

So like the Harper prorogation of Dec 04/08, the one that took place 12 months later, on Dec 30/09, was to avoid a motion of non-confidence by the opposition parties. In other words, it was to avoid the normal functions of a Parliamentary democracy.

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