08 January 2010


... Stephen Harper doing something smart, in response to Canadians' rejection of his rogue move. It would begin by his acknowledging that rejection and honouring it by reversing his prorogue decision. It would require his appealing to the Governor General to bring back Parliament 'early' - that is, January 25th instead of March 2nd.

For Harper to manage the acute anxiety associated with such action - i.e., from suspending his dictatorial style and swallowing his own, self-inflated ego -, he would, during the course of his acknowledging, honouring, reversing and appealing, also engage in denying, rejecting, blaming and lying. In other words, he would deny and reject any responsibility for the situation. Instead, he would blame the opposition and "left wing groups" (such as women) for purportedly lying to and misleading the Canadian public about his actions.

I can imagine such a scenario. I can imagine the Official Opposition, once again, being out-manoeuvred. And I hope I'm wrong.

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