20 January 2010

Jack Layton and the NDP

Good for you. I'd begun to despair being able to say that.

Not only are you showing the Official Opposition how to be the Official Opposition, you're giving disgruntled Canadians a concrete proposal to consider regarding prorogation.

Not that you're likely to get support from Michael Ignatieff's Liberals. Ignatieff doesn't strike me as someone who likes being reined in, so I don't expect him to support your proposal. He is "yet to be convinced" on issues concerning democratic reform, like fixing our voting system; and he's already on record for saying he would use prorogation as intended, just not as Stephen Harper has done. Not necessarily a problem, except he made no mention of legislation to ensure that.

As for what the Official Opposition appears to be doing - chatting up students across the country and holding a "Thinkers Conference" - like every conference, forum and town hall I've ever been to (about two dozen conferences alone), people will do a lot of nattering and, perhaps, thinking. Nothing else will result ... except more opportunities for nattering and thinking.

You, on the other hand, are proposing ACTION.

Good. More please.

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