13 January 2010

Cheryl Gallant, You Disgust Me

This is a sample of the kind of government Canadians have now, one whose MPs consistently lie, slander and stoke fear. I assume this letter from Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant, which appears today in The Daily Observer, was also sent to her constituents by mail and hence was paid for by taxpayers.

Note IN ONE SENTENCE ALONE the following:

  1. The unfair characterization of the Bloc and the CANADIANS who support Quebec sovereignty. Supporting Quebec sovereignty is a far cry from being "dedicated to the destruction of Canada." (I support the separation of Vancouver Island from BC and/or the separation of BC from Canada; in neither case does that mean I am "dedicated to the destruction" of BC or Canada.)
  2. The suggestion that "the worst global economic recession since the Second World War" is equivalent to the worst economic recession since the Second World War for us, for Canada. For us, the recession of the 80s was much worse.
  3. The suggestion that to prorogue Parliament is merely to "adjourn" it.

Further down in the letter, note the slandering of Ujjal Dosanjh, a Liberal MP who is respected by members and supporters of all parties and by this non-partisan. Dosanjh never "accused members of the Canadian Armed Forces of war crimes." He instead expressed his deep concern that the ACTIONS/NON-ACTIONS OF THIS GOVERNMENT made Canada's military personnel in Afghanistan vulnerable to such accusation by the International Criminal Court. Gallant knows this; she was there, or so she claims.

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