14 January 2010

Politicos, Media: Stop Telling Canadians What We Care About

Politicians and certain media conglomerates are in the habit of telling Canadians what we care about. Not only do they busy themselves telling us what issues we do care about, they also tell us what we don't care about: process.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament and the tens of thousands of volunteers from across Canada who have been and continue to be involved in campaigns for democratic and electoral reform would disagree on both scores.

Process matters. In fact, it appears to matter more to us - at least to 1 out of every 160 of us - than any given issue.

Issues, after all, are ephemeral. Deal with one, or don't, and it's on to the next issue. Flavours of the month are like that.

So why is the consistent message from politicos and their media friends that process isn't something Canadians care about? Might it be that addressing the processes of democracy isn't considered, in their eyes, to be in their own interests?

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