27 January 2010

Apple iPad vs. MS Courier

So it's all over the news today that Apple has finally come out with the much-hyped iPad. Was anticipating this with my usual excitement.

I LOVE gadgets. Not that I HAVE many, but one can dream, right? I also love my Mac Mini, having switched from using Windoze PCs when my last one bleeped its last blip in July 2007. So there was much anticipation and I expected to drool all over my keyboard when I saw pictures and videos of the thing.

Didn't happen.

As an e-book reader, which is what I'd use the iPad for primarily, the device is very nice. But why pay such an exorbitant price for simply an e-book reader and one whose battery life is only ten hours between charges? The charge on my Sony Pocket Edition reader lasts many, many times that. Also, as an e-book reader, the iPad is larger than I'd like and the display, while good for video viewing is harder on the eyes for reading. (It doesn't use e-ink technology.)

For mobility, the iPad also is nice - but the device doesn't come with a camera, which is strange.

Compare the iPad to the rumoured Courier, a concept being developed (?) by Microsoft. If this device were to have a Linux-based OS then Courier would be my preference.

For more information about the iPad, go to Gizmodo's home page. Today their site features articles on each of the major features of the new Apple device.

ETA: Biggest problem with new iPad? It's use of DRM.

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