30 January 2010

Cheeks Red from Slap in Face

CBC has shown how NOT to reward loyalty. I wrote the following over at Scott's place, in response to CBC's new licensing policy - better named 'gag order' on Canadians at large.

Among the ironies for me: The linking policy on this blog and our others has been to hunt for - even WAIT FOR - CBC (or indy) articles on news items that have come up in the queue, rather than to write posts linking to Canwest Media or CTV.

In other words, we have been doing our level best to support our public broadcaster and independent media by sending people to their sites, not to the sites of their private competitors.

Our faces are red, from the slap across both cheeks.

CANADIAN copyright laws apply in this country. That includes the fair use policy I quoted yesterday in another article pertaining to copyright.

To the publicly-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and to any other media corporation serving in Canada that might entertain such notions: Don't try importing U.S. copyright law over here. You'll get a battle you'll wish you'd never provoked.

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