22 January 2009

Conservative Hypocrisy, v7.0

... or is it v10.2? They backtrack on their own rules so often, it's tough to keep track.

There's a report that proposed government legislation would gut federal environmental regulations. These would be regulations that a previous conservative government put in place.

[T]he draft bill would kill environmental assessments for any project on federal lands, or using federal dollars - or any federal infrastructure project worth less than $10-million.

It would also reportedly exempt any project from federal environmental assessment at the request of a provincial government.

The ... changes would undo major parts of the Environmental Assessment Act, enacted by the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney in 1992.

In other words, few if any infrastructure projects to be "stimulated" by imminent federal largesse will be monitored for their environmental impact. That should please Alberta's neocons!

Fool us once, fool us twice, fool us ... how many times? How many times before Canadians clue in to this government's agenda?

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