05 January 2009

The "F" word in the 21st Century

FEMINISM: according to the Collins Gage Canadian Dictionary it is a philosophy advocating rights which are equal to those that exist for men.

Judy Rebick in her book Ten Thousand Roses gives a excellent account of feminism in Canada.

Along comes Harper and his gang of right-wing Conservatives and wipes out the work of thousands of women and men across this country with one quick slash of his pen, eliminating the word equality from the Status of Women's statement and ends the long painstaking inter-provincial negotiations which were moving toward a Universal Child Care policy while ignoring the fact that a large percentage of Canadian children are living in abject poverty. Currently, certain of his minions are attempting to re-open the abortion issue to further erode women's choices, his government has refused to transfer payments to the provinces for affordable housing or adequate health care and yet Harper promises obscene amounts of our tax money to bail out greedy capitalist auto makers.

What are these boys thinking?

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