06 January 2009

Disgusted with Our Political "Leaders"

Daphne and I are thoroughly disgusted with the purported 'leaders' of our government and major parties. They do not lead, they puppet.

It took days before either of the alternating "natural governing" parties made a statement on the Gaza situation.

Then after days of silence, the Liberal Party issued a media release which included this:

The Liberal Party of Canada unequivocally condemns the rocket attacks launched by Hamas against Israeli civilians and calls for an immediate end to these attacks. We affirm Israel's right to defend itself against such attacks, and also its right to exist in peace and security.

No mention of the missile attacks and slaughter being wrecked on Gazans by Israel. No mention of the right of Palestinians to defend themselves.

Only on January 3rd did the Harper government finally speak. Typically, it touted the Bushies line:

Condoleeza Rice: "We are working toward a cease fire that would not allow a re-establishment of the status-quo ante, where Hamas can continue to launch rockets out of Gaza... We need a cease fire that is durable and sustainable."

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon: "We urge renewed international diplomatic efforts to achieve a sustainable and durable ceasefire, starting with the halting of all rocket attacks on Israel."

In early November, the US vetoed a UN resolution condemning the Israeli Gaza Offensive:

It was the second U.S. veto this year of a Security Council draft resolution concerning Israeli military operations in Gaza.

The U.S. blocked action on a document this summer after Israel launched its offensive in response to the capture of an Israeli soldier by Hamas-linked Palestinian militants.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the resolution was "very one-sided."

"It's good that it wasn't accepted by the Security Council," he said.

Palestinian UN observer Riyad Mansour said he was disappointed by the vote.

"You have conveyed today two wrong messages," he told the Security Council. "For Israel, you have conveyed to them they can continue to behave above international law. For the Palestinian people, you have conveyed that justice is not being dealt with in a proper way."

In this infant new year, BushCo has so far vetoed and intends to continue to veto, all Arab resolutions put forward to the UN Security Council. Why?

Reliable sources at the UN say that the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad, has received explicit instructions from his superiors at the State Department to torpedo any initiative proposed by the Arab bloc which is designed to grant the Security Council the status of an official arbiter that will have direct involvement with disentangling the Gaza crisis.

The Canadian subsidiary of BushCo - HarperCo - tows the parent company line.

Harper Lite dutifully rides in tandem.

Yet consider these FACTS:

  • Israeli deaths prior to invasion of Gaza to prevent Israeli deaths: 4
  • Israeli deaths after invasion of Gaza to prevent Israeli deaths: 9
  • Number of Israeli deaths attributed to Israeli army: 4
  • Number of Palestinians killed by Israelis: 550
  • And this on the hailstorm of Gaza rocket attacks (thanks to reader Beijing York)

How's that for perspective?

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