31 January 2009

Don't Eat Meat !

In North America, the great prairie grasslands have been plundered over the past decades in aid of raising beef cattle, rendering the natural pastures desolate.

Today, bovine products are raised on huge tracts of land in the USA and Canada, polluting and poisoning the earth with no thought to the long term effects of this constant degradation to the earth.

In Brazil, Agri Businesses are chewing up great chunks of the Amazonian rain forest to make grazing areas available for their stock.

The bottom line is profit.

The cost to the environment will be enormous and more likely than not, irreparable.

The cost to the health of individuals who eat the cow will also have a hefty price to pay in the long run.

Solution? Stop eating meat. Wean yourself away from eating animal flesh. Embrace a vegetarian, or better yet, vegan way to eat.

The whole world will profit.

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