25 January 2009

Huh! BBC "open to reconsidering"

... its decision not to air the DEC Gaza appeal. Well, sort of.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has said it is open to reconsidering its earlier decision not to telecast a charity appeal for funds for Palestinians in Gaza.

The chief operating officer of the BBC, under fire for its refusal to air the appeal, said a reversal of the decision was possible if another request to air the appeal was made.

But with an absurd proviso.

"We never say never and clearly, if the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) came to us with another request when things have calmed down and we didn't have the same worries about the controversial nature of this, we would look at it again in that light," Caroline Thompson told Al Jazeera on Sunday.

What blarmy! Things aren't calmed down in Gaza. Idiots!

Whether the BBC has worries is up to their own perception, no? Cuz DEC UK hasn't changed its position; there was no need to do so. Ergo, if BBC's "worries about the controversial nature of this" were to change, then one might conclude the broadcaster has re-evaluated its previous, appallingly bad decision.

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