25 January 2009

UPDATE: BBC still refuses; ITV, Channel 4 break ranks

This is an update on the BBC's refusal to air an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee on behalf of Gaza. ITV and Channel 4 have broken ranks and agreed to air the appeal.

Around 5,000 people joined protests condemning the broadcaster across London today, including rallies outside the BBC's Broadcasting House headquarters and Trafalgar Sqaure, and an MP began collecting colleagues' signatures for a motion to be tabled in parliament on Monday, condemning its refusal to broadcast the TV and radio appeal.

The BBC decision not to show the appeal was reached together with other broadcasters last week. But ITV today said that "the majority" of networks had now agreed to broadcast the appeal.

Watch veteran Brit politician Tony Benn step up to do what the BBC wouldn't.

The BBC supposing that its refusal to air the DEC appeal demonstrates its NON-bias astounds me. Its very refusal exposes bias.

ETA: See more on this subject here and here.

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