30 January 2009

Is Fresh, Local Produce Available in Your Community?

Food security is a big topic today.

Here on Vancouver Island a goodly number of residents, food activists, farmers and those in the food business are awake to the fact that we must produce more locally grown food. This documentary: "An Island on the Edge" certainly makes one think.

We take for granted that our food supply will continue to just show up in the grocery stores. Or that "someone" will grow, harvest and market enough food for us at an affordable price.

For the most part, Big Agriculture is that "someone" who will do it for us. Importing food from China (garlic, for example) is ludicrous, as is driving truckloads of kale from California or shipping potatoes from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island.

Support local farmers, buy at the farm gate or from farmer run markets. Dine at restaurants that feature crisp, fresh ingredients produced within 100 miles of their establishment. Ask your favorite produce clerk what they have on the shelves that are home-grown. Research and discover what and where food is being cultivated in your area.

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