30 January 2009

Effectiveness of Aggression against "Terror"

Aggressive detention, including torture, locking up people without charge and without fair (if any) judicial process, circumventing the Geneva convention, defying international law... All this to advance the War on Terror™.

Two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners who have now taken leadership positions in Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula branch have released several statements on a jihadi Internet forum. “By God, we assert to our leaders and shaykhs - Shaykh Osama bin Laden, God preserve him, and Dr. Ayman Zawahiri—that we will fulfill our promise, and that we will perform the jihad,” said Shaykh Abu Sufyan al-Azdi Saed al-Shahri, formerly prisoner number 372. “By God, our detention only made us more insistent and committed to our principles, which we strove for and were detained for.”

Well done! An endless War on Terror, just what the Bushies ordered. (H/T to Macleans.)

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