27 March 2009

Challenging the Commonplace One-Year Anniversary Today

Well we made it. Over 22,000 visits and 550 posts later.

When I boosted up this blog a year ago today, I'd never written a journal of any kind: no Dear Diary stuff, no electronic anything. Ever. In all my 58 years. Had been advised to do it, for personal reasons, to eject into the ether all that stuff roiling and festering inside, not to mention some of my persnickety views.

Have to admit, I was scared for a very long time. Afraid of expressing what I really thought. Still experience that anxiety sometimes, hesitating to click the old Publish Post button. Then I take a big Gulp and swallow that lump into my belly.

'Course it really helped when friend Daphne joined me a few months later. Now we're a team, Daphne and I. Which, we suspect, is about to grow to three! By yet another WISE woman!

Now wouldn't that be grand? Am hoping by the end of the day, we'll be able to make that news official.

So here we are today, the first day of our second year. Please help us celebrate by sending a greeting our way.

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