09 March 2009

Heritage Media Fund "Consolidation"

Might this be one attempt - among others to come - to help save the Conservatives' propaganda organs, Canwest and CTV?

The "old structures" for funding need to be modernized and upgraded, according to Heritage Minister James Moore, who announced the Harper government's intention
to consolidate the Canadian Television Fund and the Canadian New Media Fund into one body, a move aimed at sparking the creation of new programming across multiple media platforms, he said....

Combining the two funds will provide "more money for more creativity and more Canadian content available on more Canadian platforms," Moore told reporters, and private and public media industry leaders from CTV, Bell Video Group, Rogers, Shaw, Vidéotron, CBC and the Writers Guild of Canada.

Four principles, according to Moore, pushed the creation of this new fund, including the need for "encouraging competition among all players, including by removing the guaranteed funding envelope for CBC."

With a wink and a nod off-camera (no doubt), Moore advised viewers to "keep your eyes open for more."

Yes, indeed. Eyes wide open.

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