07 March 2009

Well, Darn!

One of the few treats in life is the occasional box of Smarties. (No, I don't eat the red ones last. I reserve the chocolate Smarties for that.) And the daily three or four cups of weak tea, dosed with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

Imagine my despair, then, when reading this news snippet:
Scientists at the University of Montreal say they have established a stronger link between aging and eating too much sugar. "Our research opens a door to new therapeutic strategies for fighting age-related diseases," says biochemistry professor Luis Rokeach. The research team found that the lifespan of yeast cells increased when glucose was decreased from their diet.


It's not that my life is so wonderful that I want to eke out every last moment of it. It's that now I'm finally approaching retirement age, I'll be damned if I'll croak before getting a substantial return on a lifetime of hard work and contributions made to the Canada Pension Plan and RevCan.

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