15 March 2009

Good Grief! Where was the Editor?

The article, an interesting one BTW, begins like this:
OTTAWA - The United Sates entered the recession first, but Canada's economy is falling faster now.

And if current trends continues, economists say, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty may rue their bold prognostications last week that Canada will exist the slump first and strongest.

They get "prognostications" right but screw up the name of our southern neighbour, mix subject/verb tense and use "exist" when it's supposed to be 'exit'?

Errors continue throughout the rest of this article which was distributed by The Canadian Press. Evidence, one supposes, of the mass layoffs in the news industry.

ETA: Ha ha ha ha... Someone drew somebody's attention to the errors I mentioned - or at least two of them. There have been the following corrections: United Sates => United States, and exist => exit. But the "trends continues" er, continues.

Where are the grammarians when you need 'em?

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