10 March 2009

Need to See a Specialist?

That'll be 95 bucks, please, upfront.
"The waiting time between the family doctor and the specialist can be some of the longest and most frustrating," said Rick Baker, who has turned Timely Medical into a successful business even Americans are using through a subsidiary called North American Surgery Inc.

Baker said most family doctors refer patients to specialists with whom they have a long-standing relationship based on knowledge of their skills. "Older specialists may have the longest wait lists while the younger, newer ones, can have much shorter wait lists," he said. "Patients who pay us the fee will get a list of three other specialists who will see them more quickly and if the wait is not shorter, we will refund the money," Baker said, adding that the fee will not be shared with any doctors.

Business is booming in Canada's private health "care" industry.

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