29 March 2009

His Igginess on Electoral Reform

Here's His Nibs at the Victoria town hall today.

BAD answer on that final question, on electoral reform.

"I don't want to turn this country into Little Italy" would be referencing a popular straw man argument used by the No side against proportional representation. Which tells me not only that His Igginess is against PR, but that this former academic will quite happily use such style of argument to defend the status quo. Surprise!

Oh, then there's the arrogant "I need to be convinced" that it's a good idea.

Well, it isn't YOU who needs to be convinced, Mr. Ignatieff. It's the citizens of this country. Reforming our voting system isn't up to you, your party, or any party for that matter. It's up to the people. And if WE demand reform, then reform we will have. With or without you or your party.

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