11 March 2009

More Idiots Dictating Morality

Juxtapose this:
A U.N. anti-narcotics drive has backfired in part by making drug cartels so rich they can bribe their way through West Africa and Central America, U.N. crime agency chief Antonio Maria Costa said on Wednesday. The 10-year "war on drugs" campaign ... had a "dramatic unintended consequence" - profit-gorged trafficking gangs destabilizing nations already plagued by poverty, joblessness and HIV-AIDS.

with this from the same article:
Critics of U.N. anti-drug policy want more stress put on harm-reduction policies ... or even legalization to remove the mafia element responsible for bloody turf wars and failing states.

Costa agreed with more harm-reduction efforts but rejected calls for legalization as dangerously naive and defeatist, likening this to accepting pedophilia and human trafficking.

"We should invest in the solid middle ground between criminalization and legalization - by framing our collective efforts against drugs less like a war, and more like an effort to cure a social disease."

What substance of choice are these idiots on? If it's alcohol or tobacco, let me point them to these findings.

If inhaling cannabis is symptomatic of a social disease and warrants state intervention, then so does smoking tobacco or guzzling alcohol. You choose your poison. I'll choose mine.* Just don't license YOUR choice over mine.

*Actually, I choose no poison. Canna afford it. And I've a thing about ingesting/inhaling/injecting non-food substances. But, hey, that's me. Am loathe to dictate what others can choose.

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