29 March 2009

Recession Tips?

Stories are beginning to appear about how to navigate through the looming recession. This one, about past due-dates on food, showed up on CBC.
....with the recession biting your budget, you're hesitant to put any more pressure on your bottom line by throwing out something that might have some value.

It is more about labelling on prepackaged items like meat, dairy and medication.
It is legal to sell products in Canada that have passed their best before date as long as it's still fit for human consumption and is not labeled, packaged, treated, processed or advertised in a false, misleading or deceptive manner. Retailers aren't allowed to tamper with the best before date.

It sure doesn't have much to do with saving money in a pinch. If we are going to "cut back" to deal with lower incomes, food purchases ought to be the last to be curtailed.

I would suggest that recession tips start with changing our consumer habits. Forget the hot tub, the new 40-inch LCD flat screen TV and all things wanted over needed.

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