05 March 2009

Marijuana Prohibition on it's Way Out?

Is an end to marijuana prohibition on the way? So says this US Senator.
Today Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) announced the introduction of groundbreaking legislation that would tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. The Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education act (AB 390) would create a regulatory structure similar to that used for beer, wine and liquor, permitting taxed sales to adults while barring sales to or possession by those under 21.

Other advantages would occur as well.
Board of Equalization Chairwoman Betty Yee said, "This common sense measure effectively prioritizes state resources during these times of fiscal constraint. Prioritizing law enforcement to control the most serious drugs while raising new revenues from casual marijuana use directed to treating serious drug addiction is a prudent use of limited resources."

Hopefully, this proposal for legislative change will be accepted and that Canada will quickly follow our neighbour's good example.

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