06 March 2009

Transferring Your Medical Files

Several weeks ago, I signed a form to have my medical files transferred from a walk-in clinic to my finally-found, newly-minted family doctor. Well today I received an invoice from the clinic in the amount of $25. Right out of the blue.

Was not informed there might be a charge for this. And there shouldn't be. So I've written on the back of said invoice that, with a monthly grocery budget of $57, I've not the damn $25 to give them and would appreciate their waiving the fee.

Shall walk that in to their office tomorrow, stuffed back into their own envelope. Since paying for stamps is out of the question too.

Should be interesting. Will I get a response?

Likely they'll report this to the credit rating agencies and thus I'll end up with a black mark on my credit record. Which is in pristine condition and took YEARS to build up. And/or they'll sue me.

Oh, the joys of living at the bottom of the poverty well!

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