20 March 2009

Dinner Shift

Don't be alarmed, this is good news. Seems the many people who have been protesting the way our food is raised, grown, prepared and delivered have been heard.
For decades, foodies, animal welfare advocates, labor and environmentalists have joined together in an effort to educate their peers and affect policy change with the broad goal of improving the way our food is grown, processed, distributed and eaten. They've snuck into animal factories with hidden cameras, staged protests in Washington and boycotted fast food establishments. They've shopped at farmers markets and planted seeds in community gardens. They've formed a massive and remarkably powerful food and farm movement, and in general, they've kept quite busy reaching for a goal that until recently seemed completely futile and utterly out of reach.

The US administration has taken the lead, starting with the front lawn of the White House.
First, it was just announced that the Obama's are putting in their very own vegetable garden on the White House lawn. This is something that the food movement has been dreaming of since day one, and not one but two separate organizations -- Eat the View and the White House Organic Farm Project -- have been tirelessly promoting for years.

Okay Harper, Canadians want "shovels in the ground". Start now and grow some greens on Parliament Hill.

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