31 December 2008

Canada's Senate - Why divvied by party?

Where is it constitutionally set that members of Canada's Senate should identify with this political party or that? What have parties to do with it?

I don't understand why parties must be represented in the Senate. That they are points largely to the fact that the vast number of appointees have been party loyalists or people well connected to the backroom boys who run the parties - or the backroom boys themselves.

That Senators divide themselves into Camp Liberal, Camp Conservative and (lonely) Camp NDP offers one good reason for an elected Senate or outright abolishment of the Senate.

After all, why not have the Senate comprised of citizens who identify as nonpartisan?

And, a more radical - read "more democratic" - thought ... Rather than allow politicos to appoint people to the Senate or have Senators elected, why not randomly select Canadian citizens who are willing to serve in the Upper House and have a new selection take place every eight years?

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