06 December 2008

Veteran videographer to take fall for kerfuffle?

This isn't good.

Stephane Dion’s chief of staff is firing an underling to cover her own mistakes in preparing a poor-quality video for national broadcast Wednesday, Liberal sources say...

Johanne Senecal, Mr. Dion’s chief of staff, emailed CTV on Wednesday night saying she was "livid" over the error and promising to investigate how it happened.

"I apologize for the poor quality and the lateness," she said in the email.

On Friday, Liberal sources said, she moved to fire Mick Gzowski, the party’s veteran videographer.

She did that although he didn’t have enough time to professionally produce the video because Mr. Dion’s inner circle did not finish the text of his speech in time, Liberal staffers say.

"They gave the video guys 25 minutes to shoot 20 minutes worth of video," a veteran Liberal staffer said.

An investigation will show the video crew isn’t to blame, the staffer said.

"Email traffic will show they were screwing around with text hours later than they should have been."

...A staffer said Mr. Dion and his team have lost the confidence not only of the Liberal caucus but also of Liberal staff.

"I am a f---ing Liberal and I don’t think they’re competent enough to run the government," the staffer said.

Isn't this the kind of things HarperCrits do? If the Liberals want to portray themselves as different, then those in charge (is anyone in charge?) must take responsibility for any mistakes done under their authority. In a business, it's usually managers and, less seldom, CEO's, who accept the blame for what goes wrong on their watch, not the employees who did the job they were told to do.

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