02 December 2008

YES, we voted for a coalition government ...

by virtue of having voted for candidates - NDP and Green - who were NOT in cahoots with Harper Conservatives.

NO, we did not vote for a Parliament to be run by Harper Conservatives.

NO, we did not vote for Harper Conservatives to pull political tricks intended to advance their far right agenda.

NO, we did not vote to have our party of choice deprived of the $1.95 to which our votes entitled them. This crass political ploy is an affront not just to political parties but especially to low-income voters.

NO, we did not vote for Harper Conservatives to reverse pay equity advances or to restrict the right of federal government workers to strike.

YES, Daphne and I voted with the hope that Canada's Members of Parliament would finally get their collective acts together and GOVERN with CANADA's - not their own partisan - interests in mind.

YES, Daphne and I, being among the 62% majority who chose other than Harper Conservatives, voted to have MPs of the opposition parties work together to make Parliament and Canada's government work. If that means they must defeat the Conservative government, then ...

YES, we voted for an accord which would see the Liberals and NDP forming a coalition government, with one or more other parties. In fact I wrote a post on October 14th demanding they do this very thing.

BUT, the coalition government truly representative of the voters' choice is not the one agreed to by the Liberals and NDP, with support from the Bloc. Had our voting system been one of proportional representation system, things would have looked very different.

ETA on Jan 10/09: And we've a strong aversion to Ignatieff and the process which crowned him. Witness Iggy's handling of the Gaza invasion and the support he's getting from the National Post. He and Harper may have different brand names but the product ingredients appear virtually identical.

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