12 December 2008

Proportional Representation: Two recent conversions

First - yesterday - it was Maclean's editor Paul Wells.

A conversion: One rough division of labour here at Maclean's has long held that Colleague Coyne advocated for electoral reform, whereas I didn’t care. Those days are over. Part of the recent crisis was due to the way our electoral system affords the Bloc Quebecois far more space than the other parties are willing to afford it legitimacy. If we don’t think a separatist party has as much right as the others to determine who keeps or loses power, then it makes no sense to hang onto an electoral system whose many insanities include its tendency to give the Bloc more seats than its share of votes. I will be looking for a mainstream party that credibly and seriously advocates major electoral reform, to bring our Parliament more closely into alignment with the voters’ wishes.

Then - today - in an editorial on the Globe and Mail is found this.

This newspaper prefers the abolition of the Senate and the adoption of proportional representation for the House of Commons, a measure that would allow the latter to better fulfill some of the functions that the Senate currently performs.

Now if only the purportedly progressive - relative to the G&M and Canwest, at any rate - Toronto Star would see the light.

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