25 December 2008

Cuban shopping website helps circumvent US embargo

Gotta love this.

Spanish-based Grupo Excelencias teamed with Cuba's Communist government to create mallhabana.com, which offers prices in U.S. dollars. It says it can deliver products within 24 hours to homes in Havana and get purchases to even the country's most-remote addresses within three weeks.

"It's a good business but it's also a way for Cubans [overseas] to help their family members here," Sergio Perez, the Havana director of the Spanish-language site, said Tuesday.

It also appears to directly challenge U.S. legal limits on shipping funds to Cuba or spending money on the island.

Dozens of the products listed are made in Cuba - like Havana Club rum or iconic guayabera shirts. Others are imports already stocked by upscale government-run stores, such as 29-inch Panasonic TVs or crunchy peanut butter from Canada.

Go have a look-see.

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