02 December 2008

Letters to Editors

The Greens have added a great site, Defend Our Democracy, which includes a nifty form for sending letters to the editors of various media.

It looks like they've set it so that L2Es go to a list of media addresses, which is great. In other words, there's no need for the user to look up their local papers' addresses or the addresses of national media. You just fill out the form, click the Contact the Media button and presto! off it goes.

My letter:

Dear Editor,

I'm among the 62% of voters who voted other than Conservative. That makes me one of the majority.

It's about time Canada's opposition parties showed some backbone and stood up against the bullying tactics of the Conservative government. And I'm delighted that they're finally taking action by forming an accord to put in place a coalition government.

Canadians must not stand by while Stephen Harper plays political tricks during a global economic crisis which has reached Canada and is resulting in massive layoffs.


The form includes a generic message, but you can construct your own. Most media outlets require L2Es to be under 250 words.

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