30 December 2008

Chrysler buys pricey full-page ads to say "Thank you"

Can these people get any more absurd? Where the hell are their brains?! Chrysler ran several full-page ads last week to say Thank You to USians

for "investing" in the company through the government's $17.4 billion auto industry bailout plan...

The ads ran last week in several major daily newspapers, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution... A full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal runs between $206,000 and $264,000, and a full-page ad in USA Today runs between $112,000 and $217,000...

"Years ago there was a robber who was really polite. He said please and thank you while he was robbing people. At the end of the day, people had their money stolen. Saying thank you doesn't make it OK. They should give the money back," said [Grover] Norquist, [president of Americans for Tax Reform]...

The ad buys have also triggered a wave of criticism on blogs and editorial pages.

One recent letter to the editor in the Chicago Tribune said the automaker "proved their incompetence" by taking out the ads.

The report is from a FAUX News site. Ergo, this post does not link to it. If you're curious, I recommend you work the google magic.

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